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Solshine Safety & Security films are available in a wide range of shades, styles, and grades to fit your protection needs, add curb appeal to your building & home exterior!

    Anti-Shatter Proof - Safety Films   Stop and Delay Smash & Grabs!

Windows and glass are the most vulnerable parts of any building, Solshine® high performance window security films give property owners and facility managers peace of mind!


 In conjunction with other safety measures and procedures, the film will significantly increase the protection of occupants for a variety of threats!

Solshine Window Security Films!

Our Safety & Security solutions help reduce the risk of crime, personal injury, and property damage by holding broken glass shards together and keeping windows intact.

Anti-shatter film increases the durability of glass in an effort to reduce breakage. If the window does break, the adhesive layer on the film is designed to hold and contain pieces of broken glass in place to prevent shattering.


This clear 18Mil, safety and security film provides 24/7 passive protection and holds shattered glass together in the event of impact. Its clear appearance does not alert would-be intruders that the protective film is in place and is extremely difficult to penetrate, delaying entry.

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